4x Universal Status & Condition Markers


  • Easily Keep Track of the Status & Conditions of Your RPG Table Top Games
  • Patent Pending
One of the biggest challenges when you’re playing an encounter in a table top roll playing game with a lot going on is keeping track of everything.
Both as a player and as a Game Master it is easy to forget a small detail that may be important such as a particular status or condition you or another creature or player is currently in.
That is why I created my Status & Condition Makers which make it easy for everyone to tell exactly what is going on at a glance.
Each marker has four different status/conditions on it.
These Universal Status & Condition Markers have PRONE, RESTRAINED, STUNNED & BLINDED.  These four status/conditions are used in both 4E & 5E Dungeons and Dragons as well as many other RPGs.
No other miniatures or battle grids included just the Markers.

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for Role Playing Games Like Dungeons and Dragons